Continuous Driers

Alvan Blanch

Alvan Blanch manufactures horizontal continuous driers in a large range of sizes, capacities and possibilities of use.

Technical solution of grain driers gives unique benefits:

  • unbeatable performance – even at low temperatures thanks to boosted air flow
  • precise and consistent drying without grain streaming, full inversion of bed
  • uniquely versatile – handles any granular crop in any condition
  • highly fuel efficient – total recovery of waste heat from cooling section 
  • no downtime between crops - instant follow on without emptying /refilling 
  • step-less auto speed control – instant response for optimum accuracy
  • low fire risk – trapping of trash avoided and full access to all compartments
  • minimal environmental impact – low profile, low noise, dust controlled 
  • low installation cost - pre-erected, pre-wired and pre-plumbed
  • dependability, built to last

Mobile versions of grain driers

Models up to capacity 34 t/h on wheat are available in a choice of two mobile versions – basic for on-farm use only and full highway for towing.

Versatile versions of driers

Versatile versions of continuous driers have grain feed hooper and moreover intake ramp with leveling spinner for feeding of lucerne, straw, wood chips, wood shavings, separate from biogas stations, sugarbeet cuttings and other bulk materials. Versatile driers are delivered in two alternatives - double flow and single flow (conveyor) drier. Heating of drying air can be standardly by burners or heating can be for example by hot water from biogas station through heat exchanger.

Other equipment supplied by Alvan Blanch

  • Flaking mills
  • Roller mills
  • Grain handling
  • Feed milling
  • Oil presses